You have a right to be angry. This oversized Project exceeds current zoning limits, and will increase traffic, create grid lock, and damage other businesses along Monroe Avenue. Get angry, take a stand and protect our community.

Monroe Avenue Traffic Is Bad, and It's About To Get A LOT Worse
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You have a right to be angry! The Town of Brighton is posed to give a special deal to the Developer of this project (County Legislator Anthony Daniele), and bypass the zoning limits and protections that would otherwise apply. This special “incentive zoning” deal will allow this Developer to greatly exceed current zoning limits, leading to increased traffic, grid lock, and damages to the community and other businesses along Monroe Avenue. This SUPERSIZED project will put tens of millions of extra dollars into the Developer’s pocket over the life of this project – at our expense. Get angry, take a stand and protect our community. Our zoning limits should apply to everyone! No special deals like this - regardless of who you are! To be clear, we are pro-business and support development of this parcel, but within the current zoning limits. For comparison, this supersized 93,000 square foot project is similar to cramming the Pittsford Wegmans onto this small parcel (Pittsford Wegmans is 113,000± square feet of grocery store space).

The Developer of this strip mall wants to SUPERSIZE this plaza with a grocery store that is 250% larger than the Zoning Code allows; introduce high use drive throughs which the Zoning Code does not allow; blacktop 91% of the surface instead of 60% as required by the Code; tear down the wood lot buffer between the commercial and residential zones; expand parking into the residential zone in violation of current zoning; and otherwise building a project that is significantly more than the density allowed by the Zoning Code. Under traditional zoning, this Project would require over 22 variances, permits and approvals (which the Developer could not legally get). So, instead, the Developer has proposed, and the Town is poised to approve, a “special deal” under a mechanism called “incentive zoning” which in this case will do an end – run around the zoning limits that would otherwise apply.

The NYSDOT has given this stretch of Monroe Ave an “F” for failing conditions. This corridor has 2.7 times more accidents than other, similarly heavily trafficked corridors. Gridlock is already common now. This Southern gateway between Brighton and Pittsford will become impossibly bottlenecked, clogged and dangerous as traffic suffers from slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queuing. This will affect you.

It’s not too late. Tell The Brighton Town Board – NO SPECIAL DEAL – Enforce the existing zoning limits.

Your Town Board has also expedited the environmental process, allowing the Developer to proceed with a traffic report for which the Town’s own engineers say they “do not agree with all of the information and results in the [traffic report]” and “…disagree with the information and results provided to date…” Nevertheless, incredibly, the Town is proceeding anyway. The community has requested a proper traffic analysis, and the right to review the final traffic reports. The Town has instead has set an end to the public comment period well in advance of all the final traffic information being submitted (if the Town even requires that it be submitted). Tell the Town Board – the community wants the traffic for this project to be properly reviewed, and built within current zoning limits.

Also troubling is that this is not the first time this Developer has flouted local laws. About 8 years ago this Developer, without any permits or approvals, blatantly violated local laws by bulldozing a portion of the residential landscape buffer and building an 8,000 square foot parking lot in the neighboring residential zone. Incredibly, no one from the Town of Brighton would enforce the Zoning Code against this County Legislator, or hold him in violation of the Town Zoning laws. It was not until last Fall, when the neighbors threatened to sue the Town, that the parking lot was removed (although the wooded buffer is now gone forever).

Similarly, this Developer, without any legal authority or permits, paved over a pedestrian trail that belonged to the community, and misappropriated it for vehicular traffic for his plaza. Again, incredibly, no one from the Town of Brighton would enforce the Zoning Code against this County Legislator, or hold him in violation of the Town Zoning laws until last Fall when the neighbors threatened to sue the Town if it did not hold this Developer accountable.

This kind of deal making is not acceptable in our Town. Click here to contact the Town Board and tell them “Enforce the current zoning limits/protect Monroe Avenue.” Take action (say-no-to-the-Brighton-Town-Board/). Please join our cause and let your voice be heard - say NO to any “supersized” zoning deal for this Developer that would worsen the traffic conditions in this corridor, and open up entrances/exits for the plaza onto Allens Creek Road and Clover Street. Get involved. This is OUR community. Our zoning limits should apply to everyone – even this Developer.