Monroe Avenue Traffic Is Bad, and It's About To Get A LOT Worse
See below on how to help

Monroe Avenue Traffic Is Bad, and It's About To Get A LOT Worse
See below on how to help


Our Vision

We'd like to be clear, that we are pro-business.

We are not trying to stop any businesses from being built and supported by the community.  What we are opposed to is allowing this Developer to build a grocery store that is 250% larger than what the zoning code allows, when it will impede the quality of life and negatively impact other businesses within the Brighton community - especially along Monroe Avenue between French Road and all the way up to and beyond the 590 interchange.  It is important to enforce the density and other limits of the zoning code for the benefit of the community and this traffic corridor, or otherwise protect the traffic situation in this area.  No one should get a special “incentive zoning” deal and get to bypass the regular zoning process and regular zoning limits/protections at the expense of the community.

Our Mission

To ensure this development is “right-sized,” complies with current zoning limits, and does not make this traffic corridor any more congested or dangerous.  No special deals for this project.

Who Are We?

We are a group of businesses along the Monroe Ave corridor who have vested interests in the community at large. We have come together and pooled our money and resources to get the word out on this matter. I'm sure you're asking "Who are the businesses behind it and why are they not all listed?". If we were simply a group of citizens/homeowners in the community we would have no issue standing up loudly and stating exactly who we are. However, as business owners in Brighton, we understand completely the repercussions that can happen when politics and business collide.

We know there is a lot of money at stake here, and the decision makers within the town and this development could make things difficult for us when we need to address our own business needs in the future. Quite frankly, we are afraid of any negative consequences that could impact our businesses by identifying ourselves. However, we also can’t stand idly by with our hands in our pockets and our mouths shut.

We hear concerns from customers and employees every day about the current traffic conditions and the thought of things getting worse, due to the location of this development and the overreaching incentive zoning practices.  We had to come together to be the voice of businesses and the community who need to be heard. It is fairly common for business groups to form associations when challenging or supporting projects that have a wide impact on the community.

We need to reiterate, we are NOT against development. Not at all. We, as local business owners in the Town of Brighton, know that the addition of businesses in the area can only help more people to our storefronts and door steps – we are also concerned by empty buildings and parking lots. What we want is zoning code limits to be adhered to, the towns vision plan to be followed, and our businesses & employees lives to not be negatively impacted by increased traffic.