Monroe Avenue Traffic Is Bad, and It's About To Get A LOT Worse
See below on how to help

Monroe Avenue Traffic Is Bad, and It's About To Get A LOT Worse
See below on how to help

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The February 28 Public Hearing regarding Incentive Zoning and proposed Whole Foods' "supersized" project was held in a venue, too small to accommodate the attending public.  People were directed to an overflow room, where they could use their cell phones to view the meeting.  Many turned away in disgust.  Messages of right-sizing Whole Foods within zoning limits, keeping our trail natural, and ensuring a fair and transparent Town government were proclaimed by the speaking public.  

The Town needs to reduce the size of the traffic generators – grocery store and Starbucks. Whole Foods should not be supersized under an incentive zoning deal.

Check out the results of a recent poll confirming that a significant majority of Brighton is opposed to Whole Foods Plaza!



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This is the planned area of development. Plans for buildings are over 150% bigger than what's allowed by zoning laws. This will create problems for other businesses, commuters and especially those who live and pay property taxes in the area. Please join our cause and let your voices be heard - say NO to any “supersized” zoning for this Developer that would worsen the traffic conditions in this corridor.